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At great speeds collision with walls may get you stuck within the wall. I think it should either bump you out or damage your parts which would be reasonable giving the fact player just ran into a wall at mach 1 speed.

PS: Dominas, the DD22 game version has disappeared from your profile and requires password to access now. If you hid it intentionally, does that mean we were not supposed to access and test it? If you feel that it's too close to complete product state to be a demo anymore, we will understand.

Thank you for another report!

We should fix those pushers not acting physically and then figure out if additional actions are required for collisions. Fun fact, spike used to get stuck in walls and that was super annoying. We changed collision mode to be more precise and that fixed it. I hope we won't have to do it for all Zooids though.

Re DD22: Please, feel free to continue testing! You have provided valuable reports, we highly appreciate that. DD22 was intended for a gamedev community to test and provide feedback on.