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HI I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU AND THIS GAME SO MUCH <333 I've first played this game like a year ago but I didn't have a itch account then, but I enjoyed it so much I played it again and I had to leave a comment uwu

1) After playing every route I have to choose Reksa. I think he's more my type ? I always tend to go for the "seemingly bad boy that's actually really sweet" lmao. I loved his route and his personality as a whole he's just a cutie. But I do like all of them & I have such a soft spot for Rama (I actually cried during his route but shh don't tell anyone)

2) What struck me first was the character design and I found the story really interesting and refreshing so I decided to play it

3) It's definitely one of my all time faves, I really enjoyed it. The story was compelling, sometimes dark and sometimes really funny, very enjoyable overall. I loved every character as well, including the MC, they were all very lovable. The art & music complimented the story and atmosphere really well, I still fangirl over the CGs. What stood out the most to me was the inclusion of Indonesian culture, which I wasn't too familiar with. I found it really unique for a VN and I'm glad I learned new things about such a wonderful culture thanks to this game :)

4) I would have liked if we could get more interactions and backstory to every character even if we're not on his route, since some scenes (especially Rama's) felt very out of place in the other routes, and kind of disrupted the flow of the story. I don't think I have other critiques than that? I usually get so engrossed in the story I don't notice any "mistakes" and stuff but this stood out. Besides that, I really enjoyed it and I can see you improved in the Bermuda Triangle demo :) 

5) I'm really looking forward to your new game, and while I'm not able to buy it right now (I'm in my last year of high school & I have no money to spend T_T ) , I definitely will when I get my personal card! I understand how hard and time-consuming it is to make a game and I really want to support you as much as I can. Keep up the good work!!

Hi, 𝓐𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓮! I can't read your name but I'm so glad to hear you love this game until you re-played now even after such a long time! >\\\<

I love you too and thank you for playing my game!

1. Aww thank you! It makes me so happy everytime I hear people got immersed in the story QuQ *you even cried for Rama and that's so sweet of you! I see Reksa is still number 1 in the polling x'D

2. Thank you! I was quite skeptical with my designs since they're not common, but hearing you say this really boosted my confidence >\\\< I'll work hard to make more interesting games in the future!

3. Thank you! I didn't expect so much people will like the Indonesian elements so this is a huge plus for me! And glad to hear you like my art -you made me blush so much first thing in the morning x'D

4. Yup, I notice a lot of people saying Rama's scenes sometimes out of place and disturbed the flow >< I'll try not to make the same blunder in Bermuda so thank you for telling me this! More interactions with the bachelors is also a good idea -which is why Bermuda is twice as long as Winged Ones x'D you got your wish over there!

5. No problem at all! Bermuda still has a long way to go before I could even publish the complete version so take your time~ even so, your commenting here is already a big support for me!

Thank you for coming and telling me your thoughts ^^- I also hope to see you again in the future!



Oh it's Annie but in a weird font haha. I'm a very empathetic person even when it comes to game characters so I tend to cry sometimes lol. Your game was really fun and kept me immersed and I'm sure your next project is gonna be even better. I'm glad I boosted your mood even a little with my comments, thank you for responding and for being so sweet, I'll keep supporting you <33 Have a nice day!

Aah, it looks like boxes from my phone so I can't see the font >< 

Yes! Thank you for your support! *hugs* I'll do my best to meet your expectations and thanks for trusting me! 

You too, I hope you have a great week! ^.^-