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I think I need to introduce the enemies in another level, because the player should be able to tell that they can't jump over them (because of their jump height). The solution is to get between them, walk with them, and then warp.

Two solutions come to mind if I can't solve it by adding levels before that one:

  • Taller enemies
  • ceiling that restricts jumping, so the user wouldn't try that strategy.

Thanks a whole lot for the feedback!

oh yes that may be possible ( didn't thought of this at all). You are right they should be way higher like the mario walls

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Actually, you can jump over these enemies, even at ground level:

However, it's pretty difficult to do so. The triangular enemy head is probably just pointy enough to fit in the gap between the player character's legs, leaving you with window of one or two pixels where you can jump over them without triggering a collision.´

On a sidenote: shifting into the redblock right at the start and walking to the right made the rest of the level unplayable, as the player character simply disappeared. A reset button would probably be useful.

Thanks, fricochet! I'm taking notes for the next version <3