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I think I'm stuck. I'm in the green part of the map and can't get out. I just got the ability to move the plants with the salt water, but I haven't been able to use it. Have not gotten to F1 or G1 and most of the bottom half of the map is still untouched. Help? 

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When you say move the plants with the salt water do you mean plants in frozen areas that require the thermal upgrade?

The order of the upgrades is the static projector which pick up and move blocks, the botany gloves that can push plants, then you get a grapple to access the green blocks and then some others after that.

Yeah, I forgot what it said exactly, but it was the upgrade in C3. I haven't gotten to use that at all yet. Now I'm stuck in G1.

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That piece of floor that falls away is important in G1.  You will probably need to reset the room.