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I agree. Can't get past the 2nd level.

OK, I finally found it but I had to revisit every room to find it. I don't know what happened, maybe I did the levels out of order? Anyway, this was a great game.

This was great! Just challenging enough but not frustrating! But I have question, is something supposed to happen at the end? I completed all the levels but now what? I was just expecting to see a "thanks for playing" screen or something.

Oh, never mind, I get it now...

I don't understand how the hats work...

Aahh, OK... thank you!!

Can someone please explain how this game works? I don't understand what the mechanic is here. 

OMG never mind, I finally figured it out!

would you give me a clue for 20?  I can get both 10s or both 4s, but that's it.

OHHHH... that makes a lot more sense. Thanks. I love this game, even though it makes me feel stupid. It's probably the most challenging and most rewarding game I've ever played. Still desperate for a walkthrough or some hints, though.

Like level 26 "in series" for example. I will have pushed one of the hearts into the heart block, then joined the line of items in between the two 1s and pushed up into the portal. When I come out the bottom, everything resets.

Can someone please explain like I'm five: why is it that sometimes in the higher levels when you go through a portal it seems to undo the last few moves? I can't quite grasp the logic of that and it's making it impossible for me to advance. 


I am having a hard time with some of the levels that have a hole in the floor... like Backup (18) and Errata (20). Is there a trick to these holes I'm not getting?

I am loving this game, but I could really use a walkthrough... this gets really challenging!

Your level 7 is different from the one in the version that was posted.

Are there secret passageways? How do you get to F1?

Yeah, I forgot what it said exactly, but it was the upgrade in C3. I haven't gotten to use that at all yet. Now I'm stuck in G1.

I think I'm stuck. I'm in the green part of the map and can't get out. I just got the ability to move the plants with the salt water, but I haven't been able to use it. Have not gotten to F1 or G1 and most of the bottom half of the map is still untouched. Help? 

Never mind, I got it.

Stuck on D3... does anyone have any solutions? I know I need to somehow have the static thing connected to the blue/gray box in the upper left corner to melt the ice... but I have no idea how to get there. 

oh, never mind, I think I get it

what is the difference between the orange block and the red one

Level 23 looks different in the video than it does in the game. Also, the video shows that you are able to teleport through the black and red blocks, which is not possible in the game posted above. Would love some hints on level 23 because I don't think it's passable as-is. Please prove me wrong!

I don't even understand what you're supposed to do!