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[macOS sierra 10.12.6] unfortunately whenever i try to open this game my computer tells me that "the application secret little haven could not be opened". is there anything i can do? i can't play the game.


It's a rare error, but one other Mac user has reported this. Running this command fixed it for them:

chmod +x Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven

Thank you! It seems like the file in contents/macOS/ wasn't being read as an executable for some reason, I can play the game now.


Hi! I just bought the game and am excited to play it but am having the exact same error. I tried running that command in Terminal and it says "chmod: Secret Little Little Haven: No such file or directory" but I definitely have the game in my Downloads folder. Not sure how to fix this. Thanks!


Never mind -- fixed! I forgot to navigate to that directory in terminal. Sorry about that! Disregard previous comment lol.

I've got my copy of the game on my desktop, inside a folder. I copy/pasted "chmod +x Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven "  into Terminal but am also getting "No such file or directory".  Could you explain how I should modify  the command  to navigate to the correct directory in Terminal? Thanks for any help!

I ended up taking the game app out of the folder and adding "Desktop" after "chmod +x" in the command:

chmod +x Desktop/Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven

I was then able to open the game via ctrl click->open  :)