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No no, don't change the difficulty at all! I just played through the demo and beat all the bosses, but I tell you, it was a rush! I made it by the fireball guys this time, I don't know how I missed that the first time, no problem.

My favorite boss has to be the winged demon with bats. The methodical way it progresses is really beautiful, I kept trying to take out bats here and there faster than I should and getting killed haha. I also really love the dragon/lizard man with shield, having to time your shots is really fun. I wasn't expecting the lava portion, that was really cool. I kinda cheated, the lava boss froze on one of my later attempts and faded to fully transparent and held still, so I could shoot him over and over and kill him. I must have been blessed by the gods for that! I think it's a great fight though, and will play it over to get the full experience, it's a clever idea how it progresses as well. Of course the giant ogre is really amazing looking, I've always loved that fight from the first time I played.

I can tell you put a lot of thought into this, and I really appreciate it! I wish I could understand the dialogue between monks, I'm looking forward to that.

The last fight too, that was awesome! A sweaty keyboard means a good game :-) Please keep up the work on this! I'll buy it and tell anyone I can to when it comes out.

Thank you a lot for the feedback! :)

I found the bug, now I think it is fixed in the version 0.3 and it will not be possible to continuous hit the enemy in hitstun.


Cool, glad you found! There was one other bug, where I hit the demon + bat boss (the boss itself, not a bat) and the game crashed. Can't tell you more than that since that's all I remember. Going to download the latest demo on my ubuntu system and play more :-)