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Cool, glad you found! There was one other bug, where I hit the demon + bat boss (the boss itself, not a bat) and the game crashed. Can't tell you more than that since that's all I remember. Going to download the latest demo on my ubuntu system and play more :-)

No no, don't change the difficulty at all! I just played through the demo and beat all the bosses, but I tell you, it was a rush! I made it by the fireball guys this time, I don't know how I missed that the first time, no problem.

My favorite boss has to be the winged demon with bats. The methodical way it progresses is really beautiful, I kept trying to take out bats here and there faster than I should and getting killed haha. I also really love the dragon/lizard man with shield, having to time your shots is really fun. I wasn't expecting the lava portion, that was really cool. I kinda cheated, the lava boss froze on one of my later attempts and faded to fully transparent and held still, so I could shoot him over and over and kill him. I must have been blessed by the gods for that! I think it's a great fight though, and will play it over to get the full experience, it's a clever idea how it progresses as well. Of course the giant ogre is really amazing looking, I've always loved that fight from the first time I played.

I can tell you put a lot of thought into this, and I really appreciate it! I wish I could understand the dialogue between monks, I'm looking forward to that.

The last fight too, that was awesome! A sweaty keyboard means a good game :-) Please keep up the work on this! I'll buy it and tell anyone I can to when it comes out.

Monk community · Created a new topic Loving it so far!

The game is great, really nice atmosphere and thoughtful boss fights/enemies.

The three demon enemies that are flying, and shoot you, I've yet to find a way to make it past them without being hit! I'm sure there's a strategy to it, like shooting them before they shoot you maybe. Just thought I'd point that out, and if there is a way to get beyond them without dying don't tell me! I'd like to figure it out, I just can't dodge their projectiles, so it's gotta be something else.

Looking forward to more additions! Thanks.