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Thanks a lot for the feedback!

"I like the art style and sound effects were solid."

I'm very happy to know :-), being the artist, programmer and sound designer is not easy.

"I didn't look at controls and I had to quit and look at control list to figure out how to exit the first menu (why can't i press enter/space to continue on dialog?)"

I agree, controls on keyboard should be more intuitive/standard.

"I couldn't kill the metal soldiers."

Yes, you can't kill them, it will be more clear why when the story progresses.

I didn't like the 3 floating "assassin" characters

They are there to teach how the aiming mechanic (auto aim for the most distant enemy inside the circle) works. But it only actually works in the hard difficulty, and the hard difficulty is too hard at the moment, so I have think better about these enemies.

"I liked the lightning boss "

Nice to know! If you play the game a bit more, I would love to know how far you played and in what difficulty mode.

Monk community · Created a new topic Translation

I did my best to translate the game dialogs to English, but it is probably not a very good translation ;-)

Please, post your impressions about the translation, is it too bad, how would you rate it from 1 to 10?

Is there any sentence you did not understand?

You can also post your opinion about the gameplay, graphics, sound etc...

Thank you a lot for the feedback! :)

I found the bug, now I think it is fixed in the version 0.3 and it will not be possible to continuous hit the enemy in hitstun.

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Hi. Our game Monk is in pre-alpha with a playable demo, free, no advertisements, no micro-transactions and very light.

It is a retro inspired game where we try some new ideas, it is very hard (or maybe I'm just not good at videogames) and it is focused on boss battles.

Please, tell us your honest opinion about the game, keep in mind that it is in pre-alpha :-)

here is a trailer:

you can download the demo:

Hi, thank you a lot for trying the game, I'm very happy to know that you like it. Yes, there is a way to get pass them without being hit, it has to do with knowing how to choose what enemy are you going to hit. The game is very hard at the moment, the normal mode should be called hard mode :) . Tell me, were you able to defeat all bosses of the demo? Which one is the most difficult in your opinion?

Thank you again, your comments about the game motivate me to keep working. I hope to have the final game until mid 2017, but I will publish updated demonstration until then.