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the only outrage here is that this actually  got released 30 years later. this game is bad imho & should have stayed dead. 0/10 and asking money for this is a big joke. we had enough of this cr@p in the 80s.


"He is more suited to games like TinyQuest." 

Your comment is joke ? Did you play Mayhem in Monsterland or Sam`s Journey on C64 ?


Ya, I don't think that is fair at all...I have my gripes about the game(having physical copies and spending quite a lot on cart and disk copies), principally that I fall through the edge of platforms. Which for a platformer is very irritating. To say the game and even the 64 itself should be reserved for mini-games/binned is absurd. Some of the best RPGs, platformers and arcades are made for the 64 even to this day! Even more, Turrican 1 & 2 were released on the 64 and they are iconic classics! If the falling through the  edge of platforms issue was addressed I think this is a stellar game on Turrican's level. Otherwise, you could adjust your gameplay to account for this bizarre "Philadelphia Experiment" mechanic. Maybe I'll patch my sprites? I knew I got the disk version for a reason...