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Ya, I don't think that is fair at all...I have my gripes about the game(having physical copies and spending quite a lot on cart and disk copies), principally that I fall through the edge of platforms. Which for a platformer is very irritating. To say the game and even the 64 itself should be reserved for mini-games/binned is absurd. Some of the best RPGs, platformers and arcades are made for the 64 even to this day! Even more, Turrican 1 & 2 were released on the 64 and they are iconic classics! If the falling through the  edge of platforms issue was addressed I think this is a stellar game on Turrican's level. Otherwise, you could adjust your gameplay to account for this bizarre "Philadelphia Experiment" mechanic. Maybe I'll patch my sprites? I knew I got the disk version for a reason...

I don't know if I commented yet, didn't see any from me. I just wanted to say great job on this! The cassette version was finally what made me pull the trigger and buy this. I love making custom sleeves for my tapes. The game is really fun and the puzzles are just hard enough to get me stuck occasionally, but not ridiculous...except for the hand in the bowl part. I had the idea and I just didn't word it the right way and was stuck there for days wandering around the ship. I haven't finished it yet, but I certainly will. I also bough the sequel in hopes that it encourages you to make more tape adventures for the 64!

I want to get the cart for this game, but it's not capable of NTSC display. After ~25 years of making games, really? lol...maybe psytronic will finish programming it.

I always wanted a Space Empires game for the C64... Looks like my dream came true! I can't believe it's only $2..I threw in some extra for you guys. Keep up the excellent work, and if you make a cartridge version of this, I am definitely getting it.