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didn't even seem to work on my end. couldn't figure out a thing so i dropped it, whatever it is (tried on hoxs)


yes. but not for the money. see you in a few on csdb

it's one of those "old games" stuck in the past. not for me, gaming evolved in the last 40 years and this is one of those that did not. tedious, slow, boring. not for me but some may like it for the "old" factor.

what happened to this game?

rick dangerous, is that you? did they rip your sprites for this? #suspicious

nice, albeit a bit simple. i like it.



tedious gameplay. not my thing.

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very tedious gameplay, more annoying than fun.

QUOD INIT EXIT IIo community · Created a new topic ....meh

those levels look like a pain in the rear ham.

reminds me of a simpler plants vs zombies

this is nice. i liked it.

With some tweaked gameplay it could've been better I think. PROST!


Huh? Nope, didn't see that. I might re-try and report back tomorrow.

i'm using an older version of hoxs (1.0.25-ish?)  and none of the keys work, even after trying some rebinds.

i remember this game worked once in some earlier build i tired, but i already found out it to be horrible for me so no can do sorreh

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I have no idea how to play this.

Me dumb/10

It didn't catch me.

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the fall pattern of the boulders is quite unfair and not so good, you get hit too often. the music is a nuisance and the gameplay is "ok", not sure what a "rogelio" (the guy looks more like poopman) is, but i give it a 5/10 - could've been better with better levels

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Promising preview. But like so many, previews often die before they manifest as a final game, so I will wait to see if it comes out finished.

Nice bear, but gameplay is ultimately shovelware. 4/10. Could not recommended.

Gameplay didn't work for me. Slow grind, hectic tunes. All in all, not a good fit. 4/10

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Could have been OK, but the garish audio (*BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP*) makes my ears bleed, so a big NOPE from me. Could've been a 5/10 without that and some proper controls (no latching on ropes?)

As it is, barely 2/10. Big yikes

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hell no. controls didn't even work on hoxs, not sure if it works on vice.

-10/10. doom will never run on commodore's, just give it a rest already.

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So, it's Minesweeper in Japanese?

Despite all the instructions, I have no idea how this works.

Me dumb/10

With a step-by-step introduction (click here, see how it actually works) it might work for me, but I gotta see shid for myself, text instructions don't work on my brain that's also the reason arcade games always have visual introductions on how to play a game, this is lacking that, so... tis one's only for the brainlets I guess)  . Production design is good though

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Unplayable on keyboard, I instantly crashed into the walls lol.

Might be ok with stick/pad, guess I'll never know... nope not4me/10

The simplistic style works, though.

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This game is "ok"-ish. It's just nothing new that's all. We've seen Bounder & co. a gazillion times already, so yeah meh whateva :)

Graphics good, control of the ball not so good (on keyboard).

Controls on keyboard are meh, another joystick/pad only game, so... if that's your thing go for it.

As it is 5/10, with better keyboard control easily 6.5/10

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This is actually quite good!

Rythm/Score attack shooter with barebones graphics, it's all about the gameplay here. 7/10. So far the only playable title in this compo for me.

once in a while, we DO find a good game for the old commie (like this one) , while most of the stuff released today is just crap and self-adolation by a small number of circle-jerkers who show their snowflake colors when you tell them the truth about their "efforts".

gg man, keep it up

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A zen-like exercise in tedium. Should have stayed in the 80s with it's ancient design & gameplay.  The "sound" (*EEEEK*, *EEEEK*) makes my EARS BLEED. 4/10, with better audio and graphics likely 6/10...

Still one of the better one's of this compo, IF you turn your speakers off.

As a Leftie, WASD is a big nope. No cursor key navigation means not playable for me. Ciao

This is actually fantastic, gives me "Warlock from Firetop Mountain" vibes from my childhood.

Another gem not published on CSDB, thanks


Eeeh, no.

New Levels? Fabulous

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B&W?? Wow, this is actually horrible.

I do like the title pic, but lol wth man.. I feel like playing one of those awful speccy ports. Nononono. Nope, not for me

Yay, updates! Thx 4 those


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It's not about the money, it's about principle. (I have a rule not to pay for a hobby and age old hardware supplied with software, you could call it getting the scene version with trainers for free. Sure I could pay for stuff, but I won't. Never have never will). Glad you understand :)