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This is actually fantastic, gives me "Warlock from Firetop Mountain" vibes from my childhood.

Another gem not published on CSDB, thanks


Eeeh, no.

New Levels? Fabulous

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B&W?? Wow, this is actually horrible.

I do like the title pic, but lol wth man.. I feel like playing one of those awful speccy ports. Nononono. Nope, not for me

Yay, updates! Thx 4 those


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It's not about the money, it's about principle. (I have a rule not to pay for a hobby and age old hardware supplied with software, you could call it getting the scene version with trainers for free. Sure I could pay for stuff, but I won't. Never have never will). Glad you understand :)

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This looks like an excellent logic game. I am too dumb & lazy for those (only arcade games are my thing) but I can see there is something good there so I give it an 7/10.

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The only Outrage here is that this actually  got released 30 years later. This game is bad & should have stayed dead. 0/10 and asking money for this is a big joke. We had enough of this cr@p in the 80s.

It's another game trying to play in the Amiga league, which the C64 can't. You want Turrican 4? Code that on Amiga, but leave the poor 64 alone. He is more suited to games like TinyQuest.

The asking price is a joke and the coder is an atheist. Make of that what you will.

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Another one of those "scener" games. It's ok, for 20 minutes or so. Mediocre fun for mediocre minds. 5/10

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The Artstyle perfectly matches the 64's capabilities. It doesn't try to be something it isn't (like the new "Sonic" port, which is absolutely dull and soullless) so that's a thumbs up from me.

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Like an arcade game, just on C64. Great stuff here. Me like.

A real C64 port would be nice.

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It's "great" (the Petscii style, not the game itself so much), but not 8$ great. sorry.

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I agree. It's a good arcade port after all , and not the X-th SEUCK or Scene-tier "game" full of fecal language or other sh!t (Roysterini, cough cough).

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I know. And frankly, the graphics are the only thing good about this. This isn't a game imho

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Now this is a nice surprise.

Amongst all the butthurt snowflake devs (Arlasoft, cough - Galaxians was cool, but banning me for saying do we really need another Berzerk port? Not cool) and bad crap released (Turdle, and other shovelware like SEUCK) on C64 there is always stuff like this which gives me faith in it again, thanks.

PS:  Tutankham, Bagman Returns and LadyPac are all top notch arcade tier, you are a treasure (unlike SOME I know who just stroke their egos)

Misses the charm of the Google Chrome version and therefore completely misses the mark. Sometimes "better graphics" do not make a better game. Play the original instead of this.


insta-death simulator. not for me.

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lovely graphics, have to play it first though to know if gud

Edit: It's good. Carrion graphics mean optimal pixel usage and gameplay is fun. Arcade tier stuff, 8/10

Me rikey!

eeeehhh - no.

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plus lobo pixels. what more can you ask for?

crap devs, take note: this is a good c64 game.

excellent. bonus points for not trying to make money from it.

play game with proper graphics, fork over some cash. is this a c64 thing or was this scene always so pathetic?

gonna wait for the csdb release next year thx

ugh, no. i'm old & slow and this game is new & fast - pass.

Not a d64. Ignored.

About time the C64 gets some MSX arcade love. We have too much crap on the platform.

Sacre Bleu

It's a good port.

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It's good but could be great if it had better shooting sound fx, the existing one's are poor and bring the quality of the game down as a result. The laser sound is especially bad.

70s is a bit too ancient for me...

Interesting. I didn't have time to try this yet

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New pellet sound is super, game is now very good! Thx for changing it, It's good to play now

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This is great shit. Not many good titles released for free so this goes into the collection. Thx

Looks like the commies are invading. Commies, get it?

If you can't program you should stop coding. Duh. Dumbass.

Ain't nobody got time for that, sorry.