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pdf. You put the wrong d64 files up there man. Not going to type all shit shit

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This I understand. But whats with this Umi stuff (and why has he dangerhair)

Uhh, what. I'm stupid, short sentences plz. Is this some kind of tetris knockoff or something


What's an Umi?

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This is great shit. Not many good titles released for free so this goes into the collection. Thx

Looks like the commies are invading. Commies, get it?

If you can't program you should stop coding. Duh. Dumbass.


I don't. Not anymore now. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Ain't nobody got time for that, sorry.

I wonder who copied who?

You could call this one "decent" - for a SEUCK title. But then, it gets super boring once you realize the gameplay loops endlessly. Like all SEUCK titles, it lacks gameplay and enemy variation.

Nope. That's just my personal opinion. Butthurt much? Get a life man.

WHAT? Of course I played it. An NO it's NOT easy. Literally the first 2 enemies appearing insta-shoot you & kill you if you do not move the second they appear! That's what I mean is wrong with all SEUCK games, the enemy movement & attack patterns are garbage, compare that to any japanese shooter like Raiden (Arcade) and tell me that's how a shmup has to play.


2nd best looking one (would be 1st without that weird looking horned player sprite girl... thing?), but plays like all SEUCK titles (if you know what I mean). Enemy movement/formations non-existant. Garbage.

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Best looking one, but like all SEUCK games unplayable. Needs proper enemy movement and far less difficulty to be any good. Waste of good graphics, really.

Compare this with Neutron or any other proper made shooter for the c64 see what I mean... SEUCK can't into shooting games as enemy formations are always crap in this thing.

Needs C64 port

Why is Easy/Normal/Hard from single player campaign greyed out? Can't change the difficulty settings!

Why are video files buggy? All campaign videos from my "Last Decade" DVD have these weird lines on the upper half of the screen.