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Wow this game is beyond shitty. Its pathetic and unfunny. If you laughed at this i bet you will also laugh at this "pee pee poo poo"


hey made it in three hours man, give him a break


Oh really? It looks like a game that has been made in 2 minutes.

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listen man, be supportive and don't be a dick, gam jams are supposed to be fun and it doesn't matter who wins, they just had to have fun making the game, I understand that you don't like the game, and that's okay. But just don't be a jackass about it. You didn't have to say "This game is beyond shitty" You could've said, "Hey man, I like the idea of the game. But, I don't like the jokes, they need to be memes" (or whatever the hell you laugh at) But don't be a kid about it, you have to learn how to grow up.


Id rather die than support this kind of game. A musical jam isnt supposed to be a slideshow of repeating animations with random songs.


Actually a musical game can be whatever the creator wants

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Yeah. But it needs to have music. and gameplay.


here is a definition of game: An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun


wow i had so much fun


Ok. so that is your opinion. Please be polite towards others.







This is why you're single.