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uh wow

only the most shamless of plugs

First of all, I just want to say that this game jam, I'm really going to give it my all. I can feel the motivation to create something, and I can see my game shaping up to be good now that I'm organizing everything with Milanote (not sponsored). I just want to thank y'all for giving me a reason to drop my old dull boring project and start a new fun one. Thank you!

he has a yt channel

Game Jam's aren't the best for beginners bro. I'm sorry, but I think if you started days ago you should try something like Pong or and Infinite Runner or something. A competitive Game Jam like this is not good for starting out.

And it's 64x64! That's just impressive!

That's a lot of game jam entries

You should make a WebGL build, Dani

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Nice job, Blackthorn and Jonas!

I liked the intro Snot animation

Who was the music made by?

It helps to not die



The Undertale music? The random and frankly frightening music? The perfectly approached difficulty? This seems like a game you could upload on STEAM if it was slightly more updated and more levels and stuff were added. Absolute masterpiece.

I like the idea of this game, but I feel like a few things could improve:

First, I didn't really enjoy the lighting system. I feel like it could've improved if the player had control over the direction he shined the light, or maybe he could make the screen flash at the expense of score, speed etc. The game is punishing like an NES game, but not that much in a good way.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed the sounds and the flickering intro! Good game, but I feel like it could have been improved over a week.

(P.S., I'm not really sure if you could've controlled the lights. It looked in the screenshots like you could. Could you please add a tutorial for your game maybe? Other than that, great overall creation! :))

You welcome brotha

Also, I would suggest straying from these maze games because simply walking and hugging the right wall will get you out everytime, no matter the maze. You can even turn off the flashlight so FaceMan doesn't come close. Otherwise, great!

I think that in the span of a few days, you did some great 3D modeling work. When the rating system comes out, I'll be sure to give you 5 stars in graphics! :)

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this is my first game jam entry and i've only made three games so far and one of them is s*** so plz spare me

apart, from that, can't wait!



I think you should maybe go outside and just breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. It seems that someone so full of hate and naiveness to the torture and suffering one pours into game dev could use some enlightenment. As Gandhi once said, "In order to have acceptance, don't be a dense fucking trash pebble." 

Honestly, I was very disappointed with the OG. This one, however, completely made me change my mind. Very good job!! :)

The rule "Jump one one leg", well...




This is why you're single.

I'm confused. :/

While I agree, I think that you were a bit harsh. At least give some constructive criticism. 

Brother. Please. This is my first game jam, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but still hear me out.

UI was great, but gameplay was, in a word, horrid. It seemed rushed, and there was no music, audio, not much to play. Plus, and just a tip, if you're going to make a download link, make it so that you have to extract the files from a .zip file. Otherwise, I feel like this can go great lengths over the span of a week. Keep going!

I know that this is a fairly casual gam jam, but I want to be sure, since it's my first one. Are you allowed to use fonts from Google Fonts and stuff? Also, I have a scene that goes before all my games. It's a scene that says "Made by Tanplay" with a couple animations. Am i allowed to copy and paste that, since it's basically just a scene showing my name? Otherwise, having a ton of fun with this Jam! :)

I saw this on BlackThornProd's discord, so I though I'd give this a shot. I've actually never down a game jam, and only just now finished my first ever game (play it here if ya want:  LINK). I'm excited to participate! :D