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Hey,  I don't have an email account for my itch or game dev stuff in general. If you want to contact me it would be best to contact me on twitter, (@sam_kawashima).

Thanks for sharing!

Alright, I'm glad it works now! 

Thanks for your reply! I looked through it again and tested it, but there shouldn't be any errors now.. I'm also on a 64 bit system, which works fine with the game... 

First of all, I'm sorry for that.. its pretty uncommon that it doesn't even launch..

It would be a huge help for me if you could tell me what OS you are using (Windows 64 or 32 bit) and then you should check your antivirus because that may block it, even though the game is sandboxed, so it literally cant read system files. 

If nothing works, try playing it through the itch desktop application. 

I'll check if there's an error on my end, thanks for telling me. If the game crashes, send me the error message. I hope to get it fixed soon!

Yes, I apologize for that. I know that the game is missing a tutorial, thats why I tried to explain it here on the page

Hey, I really liked the game, it seems like a really accurate recreation of everything!

Though I have 2 things to "add":

Please, make it possible to sneak, it would add so many new opportunities for photos!

plus, please add a camera zoom! I don't know if its already in the game, but mouse wheel didn't change anything I noticed (maybe I'm just blind). But thats all! Great experience, thank you!!

Thank you so much for playing. I really appreciate your video :)

Nice nice. The theme song isn't made by me, you'll find the creator in the credits, make sure to credit him please, his work is amazing!

I know this is a common error with my mac builds. I am using GM 1.4 which isn't supported anymore, so the compiler also doesn't get any more updates. That is why the game only works on older mac OS versions. I am sorry, but I can't do anything about it.

On it

Yep thats it

Thanks soo much for playing ^.^

I enjoyed the video! I know that the game is repetetive but I'll add more content in the future. All updates I publish now are focused on new mechanics

Yes, I fell through the floor. If you stand at the fence, looking at the field, and then following the fence to the right, walking into the forest and holding W.

Dude, this is amazing! The focus-effect when you look at something and other things get blurry makes it so realistic! One thing: When I was walking in the fence, I somehow clipped through and fell out of bounds... But  besides from that, great experience!

Hey guys, I don't want people to harass others, so please stop that discussion here

This whole game is awesome 

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nobody knows

Anyway, thanks for playing!

Thats weird. Maybe your mac version is too new for the app? Idk really... I tested it with older macos versions and it worked... weird..

Hello there. 

I get that error too when trying to start the game on mac. Its because of MacOS not allowing you to start apps from unregistered developers. Its kinda useful for protection bc its almost impossible to get a virus. But I found an article explaining how to (hopefully) fix this issue.

Hm. So I read a lot about the GameMaker engine and its problems, did lots of testing but I cannot find an issue. I used El Capitan for testing and it works fine. Seems like this problem can't be solved properly. I am really sorry.

Thanks for the info. I'll take a look and try to find the issue.

I really don't know what the issue is... What macOS version do you use?

Hm. Ok. I tried it and it worked... then u gotta try allowing to open the apps without certificate...

"Wow this game is beyond shitty. Its pathetic and unfunny.", is harassing and mean. End this discussion or a moderator will have to take a look on this.

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If it says that the program is damaged, its a safety thing by apple. By default, apple only lets you open programs with certificates, but I havent got one. So you should allow it to run any program. Or try downloading it on windows, and then open it on mac. 

Other solution: I tested it with the unzip-tool "StuffIt Expander", and it works. (You find it in the App-store)

Because it's a rule in our community and it is written in the community rules of

Yes! It will stay free forever! I can make a mac build, of course! Just give me some time bc it's more complicated ^^

I totally accept your opinion. Tolerance is one of the most important things in life. But. please. stay polite.

"Wow this game is beyond shitty. Its pathetic and unfunny. If you laughed at this i bet you will also laugh at this "pee pee poo poo"", is not polite! I don't want to make use of the report function.

I know that this is a major and HUGE problem. There are 15 questions atm, I'm looking for more. It's just soo annoying for me to think about those questions. But I'll add more soon!

Anyway thx 4 ur feedback 

First of all, I'm sorry, but I can only create games for Windows and MacOS. I didn't even know there is a notebook by google, is it?

Yes, Its a common issue with GameMaker games. Play it trough the itch app. 

I made this game using GameMaker: Studio 1.4.

To change the font of the game-page, click on edit game, edit theme, select font, pixeled

Hope that helps

Ok. so that is your opinion. Please be polite towards others.

here is a definition of game: An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun

LMB = left mouse button

That was the intention! I really like both games so I wanted to create a hybrid ^^

Thank you :)