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Yes! It will stay free forever! I can make a mac build, of course! Just give me some time bc it's more complicated ^^


yes thank you so much! :)

What should I do if i can't open the app

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If it says that the program is damaged, its a safety thing by apple. By default, apple only lets you open programs with certificates, but I havent got one. So you should allow it to run any program. Or try downloading it on windows, and then open it on mac. 

Other solution: I tested it with the unzip-tool "StuffIt Expander", and it works. (You find it in the App-store)

It said that stuffit is unable  to determine the file format

Hm. Ok. I tried it and it worked... then u gotta try allowing to open the apps without certificate...

It just said that the game quit unexpectedly

I really don't know what the issue is... What macOS version do you use?

10.12.6 MacOS Sierra

Thanks for the info. I'll take a look and try to find the issue.

Hm. So I read a lot about the GameMaker engine and its problems, did lots of testing but I cannot find an issue. I used El Capitan for testing and it works fine. Seems like this problem can't be solved properly. I am really sorry.