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This is amazing! Can't wait for the finished game! :)

I do have some feedback, though:

  • I would accidentally grapple mid-air when trying to boost by jumping as soon as I touched the floor. Allowing players to disable "jump to grapple" would solve this.
  • Toggle-in/toggle-out felt really backward to me. I did read the other comments, but since I haven't played Umihara Kawase (I know, I'll fix this mistake eventually...), the current scheme wasn't what I would intuitively expect. So, this could be configurable as well.
  • Make cycles global: I'm a big fan of speedrunning, and having cycles continue from when you died makes it harder to plan your movements. At the same time, I can see how this forces players to improvise, instead of simply memorizing the path/movement... This is really a game design decision, so I can see how it's up to what the developer would expect.

P.S.: I take back the jump to grapple. I hadn't noticed that it's a checkbox in the menu. XD


P.P.S.: I also take back the global cycles... Going back to the main menu and continuing resets the stage back to a common initial state...

If only I could select which button toggles in/out, this would be perfect!

Thank you :) I'm still working hard to get it finished.

"Jump to grapple" was originally off by default but I decided to change it because it seems to be to most intuitive way to play for new players. I know though some people like you would prefer to have it disabled. There's just no way for me to please everyone :P

I made a note to allow separate keys for reel in/out in the complete version. Umihara kawase conditioned me to the current control scheme, but I understand why it may feel backward.

I don't think it would be realistic of me to expect anyone to speedrun my games, so I'm not thinking about that at the moment :P That said, I may change it to reset the levels like you suggest for level design purposes. The current behavious was simply the easiest solution for the demo.

Big thank you for the feedback! 


No problems at all. This game is too good and I had to give some feedback. :)

About cycles in levels (if it isn't clear on my P.P.S.), going back to the main menu and continuing does reset the level to its original configuration. So, this feature is already in the game... it's only kinda hidden. ;) From this, it's mostly a design decision: do you want people to memorize levels or do you want them to react? In my opinion, the latter is more interesting for casual players and, at times, even for speedrunners (at the very least, for viewers).

I may eventually record a run of this game and try to make a leaderboard with it. I'll definitely let you know if that does happen.