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I had two days off, and sheepishly admit I basically spent both excitedly binging and reading all of the glorious sex scenes in this game as a freak who's into tf, body mod stuff, and uhh a lovely dash of big guys and mpreg.

Increasingly, I find myself drawn to nsfw games that actually focus on just giving players horny, creative, kinky experiences, rather than forcing in sob stories and drama, and mechanics I don't have two hands to interact with at the moment, or worse don't want to interact with at all. (Jesus Christ the resource grinding and battling system in that one game I played)

Text games (when done well) are just able to offer more - and in this case, WAY more of the juicy stuff I want from interactive nsfw content. Stuff like TFs and unique dialogue that the creator thought to code to appear differently for different scenarios in this simple style (*cough* Orphion remembering and saying it's time for our second dose is for some reason SO hot to me.. I guess I have some experiment scenario fetish?) - imo, are just equally as rewarding, without the tedium, as games practicing artificial scarcity with sex as rewards for interacting their mechanics.

There's basically nothing I can do to gush enough about the parts I really enjoyed in your writing. Somehow you managed to make me ignore that the dicks have warts all over and inside, and everyone has poprocks in their grey cum - and just enthusiastically enjoy each breeding and riding and new funky addition to my body. Shamefully I kinda really wanted to get lightrot glands in my ass like the big guy(swoon), and hoped more/ if any characters noticed and played with my bloated prostate mutation after I worked hard to frankenstein my save file code to get the prostate thing from Djen (I just had to remove the djenToppedLast:true at the end.. groan) before learning er, Orphion existed from the walkthrough - and could much more easily give me that after Djen's trip was already finished and without starting out with ass mutation. Hng I love lightrot.

(also call me an ambitious sadistic slut, but I briefly thought some sex scenes were locked based on who was currently your Biggest oral/anal partner at the start haha. i really wanted bulldragon dick - got it eventually!)

Needless to say I'm very pleasantly surprised to hear a sizeable update (Hive hype Hive hype) is apparently well on its way after a few years of hard work and soul-searching as an artist, right as I've discovered this gem. Looking forwards to that for sure - thank you for the countless hours of writing and coding, and I wish you the best in any projects lewd and unlewd that you venture into!

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(noticed a bug - when Djen tops you, he will display both the first ass tf and second ass tf dialogue (asshole and prostate) if you had no ass tfs before but doesn't actually give you the 2nd -- and doesn't display the prostate line during sex if you already have the first mutation from initial mutation or Orphion, but actually gives it to you)

also: denying Orphion once seems to lock out all other options other than 'Ask about his experiments' even after days and reencountering him


wow, ty! i'm glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the big comment! it's always nice to her people's thoughts on my game stuff.

yeah, when i wrote this game i really wanted something that was much more... lateral in its progression, rather than having content gated behind, like, mechanical puzzles. i've definitely had more than enough of rpg-lite sex battle systems, or w/e. i've actually thought a lot about the process of balancing porn with mechanics for porn games, since for future projects i'd like to have some mechanics, but like you say it's really difficult to balance just because game mechanics generally aren't, y'know, fun to interact with if you're looking for a bunch of porn. at the same time, i do think some more gradual pacing could help there be more of a buildup for the actual sex. but it's a difficult thing to work out.

pc-focused prostate milking scenes are a good idea -- i don't think there's any in the game, but that's something i'll keep in mind for later versions when i try to flesh out the sex scenes list even more. ultimately, a lot of tfs don't have as much impact in the game as i'd like, just because of the enormous amount of writing filling out all the different permutations takes. i'm glad you enjoyed what was there, though! (actually originally there was a mutation, 'wide hips', that determined whether you could actually take some of the biggest dicks, but then i never ended up writing all the various branches in the various sex scenes that would've used it, since it turns out taking a huge dick is generally more interesting than not taking a huge dick. :V 1.1 adds a single scene that changes slightly if you have it, but that's still it.)

also yeah, i'm just now finishing up the final new scene for the 1.1 version! so expect that after not much longer, & hopefully you enjoy all the new scenes.

with ophion -- there was some code that was supposed to slowly regenerate his lightrot supply over time, but it was bugged and only triggered the first time you visited him, instead of every time. so in the current version, you'd have to manually bring him lightrot crystals to get more injection scenes, i think (and the option for that doesn't even show up unless you already have some on you, so it's difficult to even tell that that's an option available). anyway i fixed the bug, and made his dialog options reflect some of that, so it should be way clearer in the soon-upcoming 1.1 release. also i fixed the issue with djen, too.

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Yeah, it's an interesting conversation for sure. I think there are mechanics and stories that can complement porn and sex in games, and others that really clash. I think fondly of Small on Top when I think of a nsfw game whose atmosphere and presentation I really enjoyed, Grove when I think of horny rpg battles where you fail deliberately to saddle yourself with sexy curses or see bad endings, Dormaus Valley for its terribly arousing scenarios and freedom in exploring them without ever worrying about losing progress, Strange Flesh when I think of a visual and gameplay marvel fusing action and sex in a nsfw game.

But stuff like obtuse puzzles, story drama for things or characters I am not invested in, or gods, resource grinding where I must use your awful fighting system to grind materials to progress or in another case -- spamclick my mouse into the ground gathering materials endlessly before spamclicking my way out of the random battle... are just really, out-of-place when my brain has shut down and I am playing to get a good time.

On your conundrum about mutations, I think pregnancy was a great way to go about things: limiting how many scenes you had to take into account by locking the other scouts until you gave birth, balanced with the sweet sweet fertilizing scenes and your birthing team entourage. Not every mutation needs special attention, maybe they could even only be tied to the individuals that mutate them. Also, there is at least one prostate milking scene I can think of, when you ask to be fucked on the way to the lightrot caves.

And oh no, Ophion appeared to work fine and does regenerate his lightrot supply daily. The problem was that if I changed my mind in the first encounter on whether or not I wanted to be experimented on, he would never give the option to change my mind again. (I just tested giving him a lightrot crystal after denying him the right to give me a puffy hole. Still nothing - he is one sulky titan)

And I can't wait! I've been checking in often to see if it dropped haha


yeah mechanics balance is... complicated. since crafting ended up being useless, i ended up adding some stuff you can do with it in 1.1, but that means that... you have to do some crafting to unlock a few sex scenes, which feels very weird since it's the only thing in the game that's gated in that kind of way -- even though for crafting to be "not useless" it would need to gate something, since that's how mechanics work. it makes things feel more transactional in a way & i'm not entirely sure if i like it, but, w/e.

also ohhh, yeah okay i dug into the ophion encounter code and figured some things out, & now backing out will let you rerun the initial exchange

anyway 1.1 will be releasing on the 12th! that's the totally arbitrary date i decided on two weeks ago when i had more-or-less finalized everything.