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Got to an ending with the text "unable to reset. no recent files have been found. refer to the game's website for a fix." whereabouts can I find your website AHAKuo? Additionally, what files should I input into the game/my computer to fix this? I've even deleted the folder and re-extracted it from its .rar file and it comes up with the same results. Any help would be appreciated! ^^

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Hey there, Flare! I have posted the fix on my blog (here), in the FAQ. But here's how to fix it:

I'm guessing you're on windows, if so, go to %appdata% and in it you'll find the file "RenPy"

Open the file and open SoUndisToxic, you'll find a "persistent" file. Delete it.

Then go to the game files (where you extracted it) and delete the persistent from the saves folder inside the game files.

That should reset the game completely (fresh start)

Endings will be locked again, but that's part of the story ^^

Hope that helps! :D

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Thank you very much for that, one is able to play and suffer through the game again! :D

Also, Ending 1 is driving me up the is well hidden between the start and the Sleep ending and I'm frazzled on how to get it. Ending 3 as well is another one I'm not finding any leads to solving. ^^

I will post a spoiler guide for these few endings now. They're supposed to be tricky, but maybe I made them too tricky.

I will post it here:

Hope this helps!