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Ey, this was a genuinely awesome experience from head-to-toe! I've got a whole series that I plan on releasing during these next few weeks starting today, if you'd like to keep up with that. For anyone who's interested in reading my feedback, expect some spoilers, of course.

Overall, my opinion rests that SoUnd Is ToxIc is one of the best visual novel games I've played in a while. The only few knit-picks I'll jab at ya is that I wish tweaking game files directly had more of a role, if at all, within this game so the outcome felt more meaningful and impactful than it already does. Additionally, I suppose having no voices other than Lolite's at the very end served its purpose, but I think the game could've used just a bit of voice acting scattered here and there, excluding the muffled noises of the audio files from calling victims. A prime spot for this could've been right before you discover Blue's dead corpse in that very creepy sequence; it would've come a s a surprise if done correctly because there really hasn't been any sort of clear voice speaking directly to the player.

Here's to hoping that my feedback was helpful, and that you all keep up to date on my gameplay for the series. Have a lovely day, folks.


Oh wow! Thanks so much for this! And I’m so glad you took the time to write this and make a playthrough :D

I’m genuinely in tears!


I just needed to address the voice acting bit. I understand that the game could’ve needed the voice acting, but the reason there wasn’t any, it was because the game (g word) prevented all characters from vocal speaking. 

It’s some lore that I thought would be explained more soon ^^

I’m glad you liked this again! I’m so happy you gave it a try :)

I will spread your series as I can (I’m not too well-known but I’ll try ^^)

Looking forward to the playthrough! <3 Much love ~~

Yeah, you're very welcome for the feedback! Any spread of what I'm providing in my videos is always appreciated, so thank you!

I also get that bit about the voice acting, don't worry there. I think the game did just fine without it ;D