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I adore this game. I am a very slow solo-journal RPer, so it's taking me some time to make my way through the game, but that's okay! I am enjoying it immensely. I have a community copy of the game, but I would like to contribute to the funding! I'm still unfortunately unable to pay the recommended price, is there a way to donate a certain amount?

It makes me so happy to hear you're enjoying it! Thank you for playing it. :) I think the Teapot is a great game to play slowly too, really let the story steep (sorry, had to!) :) You'll have to let me know what your Teapot gets up to! 

Hmmm, I've tried something that might work? I've made another Reward Tier called Pay What You Can! If you've claimed a Community Copy it might not let you though, but in all honesty just hearing you're enjoying it has been wind in my sails! Let me know if that works. :)


Ahh unfortunately that didn't work! I tried it but it still said I had to pay the minimum of $8.08!

Another question, if that's okay? Are you on Discord? The Alone Together server? I would love to friend you there if possible. 😊

Ack! I'll try to have that as an option should I run another Itch Funding for sure.

Oh yea, for sure! I'm not on that server, feel free to add me though! Going to comment my username below, then delete that comment once you add me haha. 


Great sounds good! 

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