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That's not a bad idea at all! I will definitely consider it, thank you very much Andy!

thank you so much, I will!

Left a review, loved this game. Thank you for providing community copies! Could I make a hack of this game? It's so cute and inspired me to want to try to make my own!

What kind words, thank you so much! There's no way you could have known, but I definitely needed to hear that today. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and enjoyed it enough to play it again no less! Safe travels on the road to Edo, friend. <3

Are physical games, like ttrpgs, allowed for this jam?

Thank you so much for the comment, Pandion! I appreciate all your support. <3

Thank you!

This game looks awesome, I saw the Dicebreaker playthrough! Love the art style. Could I possibly get a community copy?

Thank you for the response! I'll keep an eye out for that spiritual successor then. :)

This looks fantastic. Is this a solo game or one that needs to be played with a group?


Great sounds good! 

Ahh unfortunately that didn't work! I tried it but it still said I had to pay the minimum of $8.08!

Another question, if that's okay? Are you on Discord? The Alone Together server? I would love to friend you there if possible. 😊

I adore this game. I am a very slow solo-journal RPer, so it's taking me some time to make my way through the game, but that's okay! I am enjoying it immensely. I have a community copy of the game, but I would like to contribute to the funding! I'm still unfortunately unable to pay the recommended price, is there a way to donate a certain amount?

Oh certainly! I changed the mechanic a little bit, I wanted to give the neutral prompts a little more punch, so that's where the d6 went in.

Thank you for the quick response! I'm excited for this jam to start. I have a handful of ideas, we'll see which one sticks. :)

Thank you for the very clear SRD. I put together my very first ttrpg game EVER using The Second Guess System. =)

Hi there! I wanted to know if there was an SRD for the Evergreen Wilds system? Or if it was based on another system? I just downloaded my community copy today. Excited to play. =)

My second question! Would a science-fiction/fantasy sort of park setting be okay? Such as a Jurassic Park style entry to the jam?

Oh no, are the search decks supposed to be face down? Well that explains why I won so quickly! In that case, I'll replay it with the search decks down before I leave my review! The community copy I downloaded a little over a week ago still has the "face up" typo, just a heads up. =)

Thank you so much!

Could I get a community copy for this game, by any chance? =)

This was a surprising amount of fun! I did not get far before "Tex" bit the dust, but I enjoyed reading the prompts. It's wild to think that a whole game fits on a single piece of paper. I'll have to try to make a Second Guess System game now, I think. Loved the theme, not enough noir games out there in my opinion. 😊