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"Romance that doesn't end in a kiss"
In all the routes and in all the endings?
Well, I personally wouldn't call it otome.
Otome game without even one kiss in all the routes is  equivalent to a relationship where partners never kiss and never touch each other. Maybe this kind of relationship exist but it's abnormal.


It's not in all the endings. It's actually got some morbid endings that end in your death, disappearance, etc

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I don't really think you're getting the point. At most this game is friendship with potential for a relationship. That's not otome. And it doesn't really matter if there are morbid endings... tons of games have morbid endings. That's not why people play otome games. I really don't think you get to say how many of us who supported this game feel. You may feel your own way but I know I feel misled by Lettuce Waltz.


Please refer to this site. Again romance isn't the only goal an otome can have.