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Hi! I love this game so much and when trying to download the extended version, I noticed there wasn't a Mac version. Will this be fixed?

Hi so with the clicker game with Jeremy, an image is missing. After the heart appears, a grayed out image shows up. I'm unable to get past this scene since the mouse doesn't appear.

AHHHHHH I'm so excited!!!!

Not sure why but I get an error when I try to skip parts that I have already read.

I am not quite sure what is wrong but it does not load on Mac. I was stuck on the "now loading" screen. Uninstalled then reinstalled and the same thing happened. I would love to play this 

So excited for the release! But I have a question and I'm sorry if this comes off as a complaint. That's not my intention. Why is this last 1% taking so long?


The World Next Door community · Created a new topic Mac OS

I see that this game is available in Mac OS on Steam and was wondering if it will also some to Mac on Itch. If so, I am very much looking forward to this!!

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UPDATE (3-24-19): Lore has since closed her DM's (or at least to me) after I messaged her. Contact Itchio to get your money back. The devs aren't professional, don't answer questions, and haven't updated in more than a year. This game will probably never be finished.

I hope you can release today too! A lot of us were looking forward to today :)

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Just messaged Lore on twitter to see if we can possibly get any answers. I tweeted her 84 days ago as of today. No response. Will update if anything happens but I doubt anything will.

Ah sweet! Just sent them an email. Thank you for letting us know!

Yay! I am so excited! Time to play the demo :)

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So far, no. I just tweeted one of the developers. Let's hope I get an answer.

Edit: I did not get an answer. Probably safe to say it's dead. 

Awesome! Looking forward to it! Good luck

Would this be coming to Mac?

Hey I am on mac and everytime i try to launch I get this. I really would like to play the game but I can't.

Error: After loading the script.

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'int'

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So nothing, no update on itch or their blog since September. Either call it quits or let us know if you're still working on it. This is ridiculous.

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I don't really think you're getting the point. At most this game is friendship with potential for a relationship. That's not otome. And it doesn't really matter if there are morbid endings... tons of games have morbid endings. That's not why people play otome games. I really don't think you get to say how many of us who supported this game feel. You may feel your own way but I know I feel misled by Lettuce Waltz.

I also would like a refund. I preordered this game 2 or 3 years ago and regret doing so. This game is advertised as an otome game and it's just not. There is a romance element but it's not about romance (which is what I bought it for). I really wanted this game to be great and support the developers but I feel cheated. Please give us those who preordered the option for a refund.

YAY!!! I'm so happy for you! Can't wait!

I agree. Maybe there was no testing at all, honestly I do not know how this was not caught. I love this game, want to fully play it , and as you said, it has been almost a month since the game was "released." No updates on itch or the developer's twitter. I hope there will be an actual update.

Now I know this is going to sound negative but I mean it in an educational way... how did the game get released with so many game breaking bugs? Like was there not enough testing?

Any official updates (besides discord)? There hasn't been any recent activity on tumblr or the main website. 

The last update, in Feb, on their tumblr (main dev blog) wasnt even related to this game. I hope this game is still in development

game will not download through itch app

Is there anyway this could be made for Mac as well? It looks beautiful

Honestly, I doubt she's going to say anything until it's released which is a real let down. 

Possibly? I have no idea. I downloaded through the app and I am on a mac. No errors, I can click the lauch button but nothing happens and when I attempted to update it said something like "can update object object." Super weird

Uhh... I can't launch the game. Yesterday, I played the entire thing and now I am unable to open the game at all.

It's released

Well, I've never developed a game but I would say the hardest part is over for this one. Now we're all just waiting together lol. Can you take a quick 30 minute nap or would that fail miserably? 

Thank you and sorry if I seemed impatient! I am just excited. We appreciate all the hard work! Have a good nights sleep! You definitely deserve it :)

Sorry to bother but is it going to be much longer? It's absolutely fine if it is.

I am so ready to play!! Cannot wait (but also more than willing to wait so everything is perfect)

Yay! Can't wait!

Yes! That is much better! Thank you so much! 

The font was an issue for me as well. It was really hard to read and eventually gave me a headache. Maybe it would be possibe to have an option to have a different font? 

That worked!! Thank you so much!

I attempted to download through the itchio app on my Mac and it said that there wasn't any "compatiable downloads."