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Now I know this is going to sound negative but I mean it in an educational way... how did the game get released with so many game breaking bugs? Like was there not enough testing?


I also think that it seems kind of weird. Since the bugs are so big, it doesn't seem like it would take much at all to catch them if even just one person tried the game before release. I feel like it should have been tested at least once, especially since they raised the price by $3 not long before release. It still feels like the game is in beta at this point. The release date was pushed back at least 2 times over about 2 years and then when it finally does officially release, the parts of the game that people were waiting for doesn't even work. I don't understand how the programming for Richard and Romeo's routes were that different from Kadin's either to the point that both of them have pretty much the same issue of not being able to continue after a certain point. I mean the bugs that pop up for their routes are pretty much saying the lines in the story that are supposed to come next are not there to be triggered from what I can tell. I feel like if the game is going to be almost $20 on release that there should only be minor bugs at most. I really like this game and it makes me sad that it has been pretty much a month since release and I can't play Richard or Romeo still.


I agree. Maybe there was no testing at all, honestly I do not know how this was not caught. I love this game, want to fully play it , and as you said, it has been almost a month since the game was "released." No updates on itch or the developer's twitter. I hope there will be an actual update.