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no you can not that defeats the purpose of 'otome'

No worries! It's what actually initially brought me to look at the game! It's a lovely idea and look forward to purchasing a pre-order when I can!

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Is  this based on the novel Maid For You? Because I've read both it and the sequal!

o3o I was thinking of Maid for Me omg

This is not the full version, if I remember correctly, she will not be giving an estimate to when it is done. This is because they have a lot of in life situations that acquire more of her attention then the otome that she is working on. AN otome that she has mentioned to be a free game.
If you wish she does have other visual novels you could check out, they are a great read if I say so myself, and I do say so myself.

Glad to hear your family is safe! I am most curious about the antagonist, and would have no problem with taking a comedic overdramatic kind of route, I mean I find some of the puns and jokes you slide in to be funny and give me something to enjoy aside from all the real, and well dramatic climbs you give us.

But I am confident you will do what you believe best and I am sure that we will love the story no matter what!

It accepted the key without a hitch. I just have to wait till release day to actually play!

It accepted the key without a hitch. I just have to wait till release day to actually play!

I would love a steam key ;u; my email is

I'm actually excited for both these games now. I want to see the achievements ;A;

Just wanting to check in, are you guys still doing the english? Or did something happen?

I actually look more forward to reading the bad ends then anything, I love reading your stories, and hearing how your week has been. Please keep up your perfect and fantastic work!

I'm excited for this. I will have to push more art out to get some buyers. I definitely need to get some money to pay for this ;u;

I missed this update, but I'm excited to actually manage a purchase for this! I loved your story for the Winged Ones!

Regardless, I look forward to it all the same! I have to say Mitra was hard for me to go through because I am a masochist at heart. Finding he only had the one ending was a little strange I suppose. I will support you no matter what though and I can't wait to see what you bring to the table on steam!

If you move the winged ones to steam, could you maybe add a bad ending for our bachelor who doesn't have a bad end? I wanna see him cry and think that would make a wonderful p2p for your steam version of the Winged Ones.

I thought unfair we never got to see pretty boy with his heart broken. The others damn near twisted me into a fit of vomit because I cried so much ;u;
Give me the pain please! Ten/ten would pay for that!

Please refer to this site. Again romance isn't the only goal an otome can have.

If you mean by using a walkthrough then sure, It's pretty easy. I guess the difference between me and other otome players, is that I look for the story instead of the romance.

It's not in all the endings. It's actually got some morbid endings that end in your death, disappearance, etc

I've played plenty of otomes to know, that you can have romance, and have romance that doesn't end in a kiss.

I'm excited to hear you made the three digits! Congratulations!

It unlocks after completing the other routes. Whether it's positive or the bad endings I don't remember.

It is a real otome, there is no real difference other then the fact others only want the kisses and good times, instead of wanting the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hello, to any who feel jipped, mislead, or lied to... 

This game does have romance elements. Otome is a girlxboy game, and not all otomes have kissing scenes. Now they did originally plan for a full game to be otome based, however, if you aren't careful you won't find yourself on any of their routes. Seriously, you have several endings per each character and you can easily miss the romance for these characters.

This game does have romance, but it's difficult to get on either of their paths if you do not do the correct choices and actions. 

Did it? o.O

I can't remember if this was asked but is this pay to play or free to play?

I usually read them, since I am ashamed I wasn't able to get the money I wanted to donate to you. However, I think you are doing a great job and shouldn't worry about the faults. If you are getting shares it's because they want others to support this great project of yours!

Hi, it's been almost a year since any updates for this game, and I checked the game 'The Masquerade Killer', when will be be given a update for these games? I understand it takes time to make a game, but updating the fanbase about your progress is just a few minutes of your programming schedule and really appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies!

I never thought she looked female.

You kindad described how Sailor Moon's episodes filed in the new heroes.

The MC is actually gender neutral since it never mentions their gender.

I like the teal hair color, but my hair is dark brown and the color I like to use. Is there anyway it can come back or is it just no?

So I wanted to throw out a little tip for anyone playing, 

Place 'Go to Bar' in Wednesday and Friday. You'll note that if you don't have any of the traits unlocked, the go to bar W and F set up will get you really far without the stress penalties. Just switch the days off if you make it past the vacation time.

I've managed almost all endings, and getting 150 in all the skills (minus stress but that's out of a 100) and still manage maxing out the main skill needed, and trust for the bachelor involved.

Hi, I love your game, I wanted to mention I came across a bug that happens really really rarely and I've only seen it when managing the boutique. 

You will sometimes not get the points added to your stats, and again, I've seen this happen only four or five times through my playthrough (I'm at the second interval for Zane's PoV because I want all his endings so I am working my booty off to get them).
I though the info would help you out should you make any updates, or continue your journey to make a stat raising otome which I would love to see done!

I'm so glad to hear that the english has been started! I look forward to this capybara <33333

The game will be free as they had stated many times before! So you don't have to worry about money!

Demonheart community · Created a new topic What Does

What does 1.33 do? I may be a little confused.

It would help the developers to know what part of the game you didn't like. Because it can help them to improve the game beyond what their demo provides.

I will certainly keep that in mind and wait!