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hey just wanted to leave some feed back.  btw looking forward to the full release! ive never been into "side scroller games" idk if im using that term correctly ^.^!  I'm huge into playing mystery games,  so i had to check it.  starting off with the amount of detail that was put onto the game, just the little thing from the  the messy room, messy book shelve, personalized letters in the room and all the knick knacks around the house, did really good conveying the setting in each new place. The characters were written really well, (played a lot of indie games and sometimes the writing  they had for the characters seemed kinda hollow, like they had no personality)  i could see their personality based on the writing style and how  it change from character to character (as you guys stated on you description) the characters had very distinct personalities from troubled,tryna keep it together, and,sarcastic detective to mysterious,vague with intentions priest...I know the priest did >.> <.< i know it! haha, anyways just wanted to say  keep up the good work guys! i did  a lets play, this is my first part of it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it Leon, and thanks for the great feedback and good wishes! :)

Hi Leon, I noticed you had a couple of bugs in your playthrough (ghost didn't appear, mechanic scene etc) Can you tell me which file it was that you downloaded? Mac/ Windows? It'll help me out during bug fixing. Thanks! :)

i downloaded the game for windows version.




The full game is out now! :)