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Oh, they often show up in the center of town, or there are more than seems right, sorry I see that I came across quite rude there.  I just often reroll until the gate wards are either gone or really out of the way, or I find myself warping them down. They are the areas for the guards and such, right? Sorry, I really do love this software.

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No worries at all. Here are a couple of my comments on what a gate ward is: link1, link2 (people ask about it a lot). So it may contain some... guards-related buildings (barracks, armories, a gatehouse itself etc), but definitely not only them. Like with the most of other ward types the name of this one is supposed to be treated as a hint, not as a literal explanation what is there. Also I'm planning to replace them all with something more subtle in the future.


Oh okay, cool! I didn't understand the mythos behind them.