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Same happened to me. All I could notice was that the "scores" after a tournament race were all 0s instead of their intended values.

I'm so glad this is doing well, Erika! Highly recc this game to everyone if they like planes!

Really cute and pretty fun! I really loved the art on this.

Had fun. I've played the game that inspired this one, (Don't remember its name) and enjoyed this. Only complaint would be that there are some glitches after a retry, such as unlock progress and an inability to actually "win" even though I have my escape pad fully upgraded and charged. Very fun!

Can't launch? Launch brings up the exe folder, the exe won't open. windows 10, Itch app

I like the idea, could be fun! I can see that there's a lot there, but with everything snapping I have trouble understanding what's going on.

I love that I can use this on mobile! Can I get control buttons for mobile?

Oh okay, cool! I didn't understand the mythos behind them.

Oh, they often show up in the center of town, or there are more than seems right, sorry I see that I came across quite rude there.  I just often reroll until the gate wards are either gone or really out of the way, or I find myself warping them down. They are the areas for the guards and such, right? Sorry, I really do love this software.

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Yay! How long until "gate" neighborhoods are optional? Really love the program though.

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I love this game. High score, 1742. 

This was made in PICO-8, a virtual retro game console. 

I love this game so much. I can't even throw any complaints your way. It's fantastic. I just want to see more!

I really like this, but I can't seem to figure out how IO flag streams work. If I could get the tiniest of explanations I would love to be able to finish this game!

Cool idea, but I bet it would be tons of work to add in the "Height" of each building, let alone the scaling issue. Still, it would be pretty amazing to have a little model of your dnd town.

This was fantastic! I absolutely loved this! Playing it on a huge HDTV made it obvious that it was a resolution filter, so I knew the game was better than at first glance. By the end I was running around slaying slimes and I had so much fun!