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I'm not following a trail of blood ever again :)


xdddddddddd You can thank Marcy for that XD he wanted me to re add that easter egg


Well, imagine my bewilderment when a vn scenario simulator suddenly turned into... well, probably best not to spoil anything XD. Also, this game/sim is great and I went nuts when I found this while browsing!! I'm looking forward to when the rest of the palace is included!!

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Where do i find it cause i search and i found nothing

Go into the courtyard at night and go into the middle of the amphitheatre. Approach the blood splatter in the center, and well... Follow the trail ;)

There is no blood, or at least i don't see it, maybe i don't have the lastest version, gonna try


Yeah, i'm not gonna be curious about blood trails anymore xD

I followed the blood trail and stopped after getting to the door.

Yup, what Stoicbuzz said :D


Dude, I'm not even sure what it is that I found there, but whatever it was definitely gave me chills for a moment lol. Not going there again 😬


The parents were not pleased XD


It's like 5 layers of inside jokes stacked on top of each other.