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Sorry no pp. :c

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The animations, CG's and backgrounds are rendered in eevee and the character sprites are rendered in cycles.

Well it's only a demo of the prologue. The actual chapters are waayyy longer

Well I'll try and make VN Mode powerful enough to let people be able to recreate the entire visual novel I'll also be making more example scene's from the VN when the editor is complete.

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Sorry I did not create the grass material it's from the Stylized Forest pack on the Unreal Marketplace.

I don't own a Quest so I can't check sorry but it will work if you run the VR version through Steam VR

Thank you! I'll look into the keyboard problem.

It's like 5 layers of inside jokes stacked on top of each other.

Sorry I'm unable to upload it to itch due to file size limitations.

Is it a problem with Google drive or itch?

xdddddddddd You can thank Marcy for that XD he wanted me to re add that easter egg

It CAN run, but the fps will be.... not so pleasant.

Sorry but there will be no Mac OS or mobile port available for this game.

The game is too graphicly intensive for a mobile device to handle and to be able to create a version for Mac OS requires a device with that OS which i don't have

It's not a visual novel it's a game where you can explore the environments  in 3D

There is a visual novel part where you can recreate Adastra and make custom scenes though (I recreated a small part of Adastra as a example in the "VN mode examples" download)

Yes it's in the ".Blend files" download it's the "Amicus_rig_V1.0" file.

The rig is not configured for VRChat but with some edits you can make it compatible.

i already made an VRChat Amicus avatar in my Adastra world though but i didn't have an high enough rank to publish it so i'm working with StreamArcanine to publish it. He's also working on his own Amicus avatar which is in my opinion way better then mine because i don't play VRChat or have any experience with Unity.

Yes but it's in VN mode you can mess around with it but i don't recommend it because it's still VERY early in development and doesn't have a editor yet.

I finished playing it yesterday, and i absolutely LOVED it!

It's very hard for me to get attached to any kind of fictional character but i would have been lying if i said i didn't get emotional throughout this VN.

Looking forward to playing more of this!

PS got kinda sad when the time skip happend i kinda wanted a scene where the MC woke up and had to get used to the new body.

Other than that i really want to see more of their family reacting to what happend to them.

Thank you!

The problem is with how Unreal Engine renders refraction so I am unable to fix this problem sorry.