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I'm having a problem with Tocchan's route, after we become lover and he asks me out on  a date and we go to his house it glitches in the middle of foreplay mode and shows the love motel as if we've already been there while showing the small foreplay face in the bottom corner.

Where did it glitch in particular during the foreplay mode? It'd help if you can send the error text (traceback.txt) via e-mail to

it occurs right after they take a shower and the foreplay mode starts and I try to use a dialogue. The usual error doesn't show up it just goes to the love motel and shows some dialogue there. When I continued to play  after dates it just switched to the next day like it does before they're lovers. I'm not sure what to do since the text error hasn't actually popped up.

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Soo, the scene is in his house? There shouldn't be any showering scene before the foreplay mode starts, so is this showering scene after the foreplay mode? What do you mean 'trying to use dialogue'? Does it mean using dirty talk phrases on Tocchan?

Sorry I meant like they'd just talked about showering after they stopped by the pharmacy and yes it's at his house. I was using the dirty talk phrases and it switched as soon as I clicked one to the screen where it shows the bar and love motel. I've closed the game and restarted from a save point, but the same thing continues to happens. I'll open it back up and see if I can screenshot the problem so you can maybe see what's happening.

Ah, I think I get the reason for the error now.

Will rebuild the new version soon.