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Dear developers, here's some clarification as to why I didn't really like the game:

  • Putting the boxes into the truck felt like a chore. I would suggest something more in the lines of the game Rainforest. So rather than having a timer, have a couple of conveyor belts and a finite amount of boxes. Then you have to put as many as you can into the truck.
  • I am not sure if this is possible, but I would suggest turning off the collision between the guy and the boxes. And maybe also turn off the collision between the box the guy is holding and the truck.
  • The truck really felt like it was on rails, perhaps your college driving the truck can sometimes be drunk and as result be driving poorly making it harder to hit stuff.
  • I would be pretty pissed if someone broke my windows, but you get no response from the residents.
  • Also I don't know if this is a bug, but the backdoors of the truck opened up and a bunch of the boxes fell out.
  • To end on a positive note, I did like the randomizing of the town. Perhaps you can add dead end streets and roundabouts.

Well Hi there, first off thanks for the constructive critizism!

Secondly, I hope you noticed the big disclaimer in the Main Menu screen which reads "This game is still in development" so many many things are subject to change.

  • I am considering doing something like this, but it will be for the upcoming "Story Mode", the current mode that you can play is considered the "Arcade Mode", and is supposed to be challenging. But I'll take a look at Rainforest and see.
  • There are no collisions between the player and the boxes. And I've tried that already, it looks weird when you can just move the box through the truck. I'll maybe think of something different.
  • The truck is on rails :P I am in the process of adding a difficulty setting, which will have the truck drive a bit weirder. Stay tuned.
  • I know, the game is not finished, give me some time :P
  • It's not a bug, you can open the back doors, just like you can also close the side door through which you enter the truck. Everything has it's purpose.
  • The towns are getting an overhaul anyway, totally new house models, more variation etc. But you'll have to remember that Arcade Mode will be drastically different compared to Story Mode ;)