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yeah, it's pretty normal when downloading unknown .exe files. I can upload a zip later today if it makes you feel better :P

Hey man,

I love that you enjoyed yourself! :D

I updated the game so it might be worth to check out again.
You had to login before to post to the leaderboard, that seemed to be bugged :D
I removed that now, so that you can just post without logging in!

I also added a tutorial :P

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm actually working on that right now. Update will be up either tomorrow or later tonight.

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Yeah, I found another forum post somewhere that stated that games that are paid or donation are up for review by the admins before anyone can see it.

It would be nice if that would be said somewhere, to mitigate confusion :)

Same for me, my game is published and everything, I even set up a sale just now.

But I can't find it, even when I type "Package Man" into the search bar of itch.io, it's like its hidden! :(