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Hey  that's nice to play and funny. I enjoyed it. It would be nice to have an option to exit fight or check combos list.

some bugs. There was also a bug where this pink guy after winning by some jump attack had his winning pose at the air out of the screen and was slowly going down, passed whole screen and kept going down but I didn't record this.

Thanks a lot for testing it!

Controls are still kind of a problem. On Windows, Escape returns to the title screen, but on Dreamcast, I've run out of controller buttons (since Start is mapped to taunt). I'll have to come up with something in the future, maybe something like holding start to bring up the pause menu, though that's obviously not perfect either.

Characters are floaty in every sense, they don't seem to be all that attached to the whole walking-on-the-floor thing. Thanks for recording the bugs, I'll try to figure out what caused them. I guess falling to hell during the victory pose is related to what is causing that, too.