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Just got to play on my lunch break actually! I figured out the charge boost. That's really unique dude. I haven't played another game that did that. If you could add something in between the beginning and the end besides the other racers, maybe boost pads on the ground you could hit, or some more geometry, like store fronts, mountains, futuristic highways that break apart so that you have to go from track to track. I think it could be even better than it is with that stuff. Of course those are just my suggestions. It was really fun for what it was dude :)

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Thanks for your suggestions ! The game is written on Pico8 fantasy console. If it is possible to write a game relatively fast it's because it comes with a lot of constraints, such as limited resolution 128x128px, 16 colors, 4 channels sound and 8192 "bytes" for the code. I already have touch this limit multiple times and I can't figure out how to optimize more to free some bytes.

As an alternative to boost pad, you can gain some speed by driving on the half pipe. ;)


Oh wow! I didn't know that about the half pipe. Nice dude :D

As for Pico8, I almost started using that. That's some major limitations. I hope that gets changed, or is optional in the future.