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Ok. I don't have a windows computer, so that makes testing hard. I'll try and see if I can find one and test on that, but for now I don't have a solution, very sorry.

I feel ridiculous asking this, but I don't know what file to upload. Is it an .exe file or an .dll file? Does that question make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. Unfortunately I don't have experience developing for unity or cross-platform exporting. I found this after a quick search, hopefully it answers your problem:

"After using the build option you will get a .exe file and a data folder

just give these files to your friends and that's it!"

So maybe provide both .exe and .dll in the same folder?

I'll try that. 


It actually doesn't give me that option. So I'll just wait until I somehow get a Windows computer and then test it out on that. Thank you for all the help though.

I found out how to make Windows work! It finally works, so enjoy!