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You succeeded with your mission statement, a trancelike element with still gameplay at the forefront. Good stuff

Aww this is nice

my final score was 720 made me laugh

Im in awe at the perfect flow lsdfj. The music is incredible and its implementation as like flow creator, mood setter and just nice to listen to is so GOOD

The experience still hasn't settled for me but damn.

I'm better at talking about my problems in this game than irl slkdfj. The eye opening, the amount of input needed of the player to do basic tasks, and the painful essays really immersed me. The fact they where all for school subjects just cemented that we have nowhere else to go with this. Thank you for the ending <3

Hey uh, two years later but I got round to finishing it lmao. Hope your doing well, and thanks for inspiring me so long ago <3


I wrote the description like a corporate fucking shill yikes

Funnest gameplay ive seen so far in the jam. I ADORE the integration between the loading and driving. The driving is also fast and slid-y enough to be cathartic too. The art and 3d effects are also pretty- my only criticism is that I miss some sound effects or visual feedback to give crashing into stuff/package hitting something etc but otherwise its amazing!!

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Holy Fuck 2spoopy4me

These babies are resilient little bastards they just yeet off as soon as they can.

The art and music are top, and genuine fear at the horror ending fuck me

Sorry for vulgarity just really effective

What Is My Purpose?

The first puzzle was the hardest for me personally, and I liked the little camera/portal you jump into. Pretty lowkey but I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would after banging my head on the first puzzle (no shade lmao)

Heya! I'm in the same boat; never worked in a team b4 but id love to give it a go. I'm kind of a generalist and mostly work in gamemaker but am getting to grips with Unity recently so I'm happy to work with either. Otherwise pretty okay at music, sfx, game design okayish at art and programming (Although each one is in various stages of dunning kreuger so take it with a bit of salt lmao). If thats cool im up to jam :D

This is a fun little solo game, like you mentioned in your desc. I imagine the levels were randomly generated (something I havent touched yet lol) and no doubt made making levels easier. Its charming and entertaining, the sharky and palp lines, the varying skins from Zoey to Simon, the snow, the stupid amount of harpoons, how you can just throw sharky and he gets dozens in him trying to get gifts- Its got attention to detail in all the right places to make it charming. 

It does get repetitive though, and most levels can be beaten by rushing the present before the first wave of harpoons could fire. The game would probably benefit from occasional new elements and something to prevent instant victories before the harpoons come in. Though the times when I was trapped between walls and walls of harpoons were pretty funny.

I'm genuinely exited for your next game, best of luck!

Aww this is adorable!! I love the sfx, it made quite wholesome, along with the puwfwect spelling. The controls are a little janky but I got used to them and hopping around was pretty satisfying.  Nice entry uwu

The moment when your typing for your life as 10 zombies approach and you just manage to churn out enough words to get through, thats a great feeling. Nice challenge yet simple and the art is readable and cute. Nice!

Hey! I played this game a while back and now I'm making a game that is a bit of a spiritual successor to Lil' Stalingrad.  I dont have much to show yet, but I figured you might have liked to know that

Beautiful in all aspects, great work!

Update deployed!

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to play my game, it means a lot! Also thanks for a criticism, I agree the UI is terrible and some stuff isnt clear; ill release a hotfix later today that ought to clear some stuff up!

For now I may as well explain whats happening: The bottom health bar belongs to the boss, your health is the most left number on the top left. You can press space to dodge through bullets, dodging through green ones gives health. The damage you are taking is supposed to be a guided missle sort of attack, that homes in and fires after a second into more bullets. Its represented by a comically small shadow. This will all be addressed in the fix.

Stay tuned!

Yes, it makes sense. Unfortunately I don't have experience developing for unity or cross-platform exporting. I found this after a quick search, hopefully it answers your problem:

"After using the build option you will get a .exe file and a data folder

just give these files to your friends and that's it!"

So maybe provide both .exe and .dll in the same folder?

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Sadly no, I tried opening it on a windows 10 desktop computer. And I just double checked the download is the windows option

Hi! When trying to run the game I get an error saying Unityplayer.dll was not found.