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don't work on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) it just uncompress's it then whatever I click it just do nothing

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Which version did you test ? Battle for version work on Ubuntu 20.04 if Love2d is installed on your computer.

You can get Love2d here :

You also can run Battle for Extranite.exe with wine.

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So that's exactly what I said! It is not working on Linux as you do need to install,

1) .exe does NOT work on Linux so you are asking me to install a micro$oft windows simulator like wine which I DON'T WANT! I do not want my distro being INFECTED by any micro$oft sh!t!
Just thinking to have an .exe on my computer made me throw up!
2) or you do need to install another software which I can't connect to their website as I am writing this, I got an host error, but in all case I don't want to install an another software to make your software working!

Thus you are misleading us by saying that it work on Linux which it DOES NOT!!

Stop misleading us and remove the tux icon!!