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i played this once when it was released and iirc i got too scared and had to stop after a few minutes but i just played it again and like capt haistings i also thought it was one of the most interesting game experiences i've ever had

the depth and intricacy of the references to increpare's game is really cool and feels like a very loving/respectful tribute, i also love the way its sequenced together, feels very like 'natural' + 'fluid' movement between interactive and non-interactive segments, and between cgi and live action. the different visual techniques are cool, 'striking' but 'restrained'. especially love the inset videogame frame against the video background like you can see in the third screenshot on this page

wish i had played the whole thing earlier, but happy i found it again now.


This is very nice to hear. You've come a long way by finding it again! It's been many years now, this was actually the first thing I ever did in Unity. I'm still very fond of Increpare's narrative games, I've always found them incredibly expressive and I've learned so much from them.

This comes from a time where I was just starting to develop videogames and used to think a lot (much more than now) about what they meant for me and what I found so powerful in them.

Around that time I was also very impressed by Godard's "Histoire du Cinema", specifically by the idea of using cinema to talk about cinema, so I tried to do something similar to talk about a game through another game.

One of the things I've always been a little guilty of is to not have shared myself the source project of this game to be able to keep the loop (this game has been possible thanks to The Serpent's source project being available) but now it's too late because the project is lost in a broken hard disk.

Anyway, thanks again!