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What a review, it shocked me at first and now I feel obliged to write a detailed response, so let's get to it.

At first we started by creating a mechanic which is thrusting yourself using your gun, it came to our knowledge that the thrust is too weak or otherwise the gravity is too strong, which we are trying to fine tune, but the player may never know that it is a gun unless he used it, that's one of the reason we added the turret and added interaction between the player bullets and other objects in the environment, and in order to stick to the theme we didn't want to go all crazy and put too much mechanics in the game; here I'm referring to adding interaction with same color, but instead we just used the different colors to hint the player to different or new objects added to the scene.

I don't think this response is as detailed as your review but I hope it answers some of your questions, thank you for the review, thank you for helping us fine tune our game.