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I was hooked the moment I started the game. Maybe deep down i'm a psychopath! The background music was amazing i'm not sure who did it but, it was suspenseful and, fit the mood and, flow of the game so well. The artwork was amazing. I really was sad that this was only the demo and, not the full game. Hoping when the full game gets released SPOILER;

We get to murder most of his aqauintences. This visual novel really reminded me of jigsaw the latest saw installment. Although i'm sure it's just concidence as, the whole story looks very original. There is only one flaw to point out and, it's something a similar creator has struggled with. (can't think of their name right now) That's audio to background music. I'm sure there is options to lower and/or raise bgm but, at it's stock original levels characters voices get lost in the louder music being played. I was like I said engrossed by the music that I didn't bother to adjust levels. Just giving a heads up as, i'm sure the voice actors worked really hard in their roles.

Thanks for making a video on the demo! I'm happy to know you enjoyed it! Don't worry, there will be plenty of murder throughout~

The sound is something that will be fixed for the full game. We were aware of the issue and will have it fixed for the future so it shouldn't be a problem.