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Is this a bug? I've been talking to Toochan and going on dates for the past six months, but it's as if though the star bar is stuck just before 5 stars and we can't be lovers. How do I get to the final 5 star. Ive talked to him every single day for the past 6 months and I take him on dates every Sunday.

I'll take a look at it again tomorrow.

I have the same problem with Toru, I just need the last tiny sliver of the star. I keep talking to him day and night and take him on perfect dates and nothing. It's September in the game and I just passed the Aquarium date day, but alas we're not lovers.

You need to keep spending time during the daytime, not during weekends, to get the special events for him. People have been getting Toru's ending, so I don't think it's a bug.