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i kissed the guy with the purple hair on september 16 and now i took advantage of him??? how do i get the good ending

Also, how do I get Shiba to wear the dog costume the pink bear gives me?

Yeah, it does. I keep trying to speak with him at the bar but he's always with another dude.

every time i talk to kaede, hes talking with another guy? what do i do?

How do I meet Kaede?

Is this a bug? I've been talking to Toochan and going on dates for the past six months, but it's as if though the star bar is stuck just before 5 stars and we can't be lovers. How do I get to the final 5 star. Ive talked to him every single day for the past 6 months and I take him on dates every Sunday.

Does it matter what kind of ring I buy for Toru near the end of the game? Like simple vs extravagant or diamond vs silver?