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Love the aesthetic! Cool concept and executed well. To improve upon it, I wonder if it may be interesting to extend it by adding more power ups that affect the player's abilities - perhaps making them smaller, granting temporary invincibility, or allowing them to "smash" into the enemies. It may also be interesting to add multiple levels with goal-based progression, instead of just a survival mode.

Overall, really well made! Nice work! :)

Hello, glad you enjoyed Crossfire! Powerups do infact exist in the game! But the ones that you've suggested do sound interesting! As of right now there are 3 powerups in the game: A deflector that lets you deflect bullets, Speed that makes you move faster, and no cooldown which allows you to use your slow-mo powerup for a longer period of time.


Yep, I did realize that powerups already existed, I was just suggesting some others that could help change up the action a bit more. :)