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Glad you enjoyed yourself! The jumpscares were added very last minute just to make the creepy faces seem more malicious I definitely agree there should have been more variety! If I re release this at any point thats definitely a change id be making (among many!) 

Thanks for the reply. If I may make a suggestion. Can you make it fullscreen? I think that would make it much better. Anyway I would love to play a remastered version of this game. Should you decide to make one. Once again great job!!

I think if you press F11 it should go fullscreen. Not 100% sure why it isn't by default, i'm sure it did in testing (although I made it over a year ago so my memory isn't great :D


It didn't work for me but that just might be me. I'm not sure.  But its not really a problem. Thanks for replying again. I really love it when devs get involved with the people that play their games. Much respect to you.