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Here is part 1 of this fantastic ARG. I really enjoyed everything so far. A bit difficult to record but otherwise a great experiance so far.

Great game. A little short but still fun.

My pleasure! I think.

Not bad I enjoyed it,  short as it was.  Though I can never believe you again Vidas Games!

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So far so good! I love the calm relaxing music and the beautiful design. I only played a few levels so far but I will play the rest soon. However I did encounter a glitch. The doors controlled by the open world puzzles were open allready and I didn't need to unlock them. Other then that really enjoying it so far.

Great short experiance. Loved the atmosphere and the build up. Great work I hope to see more in the future.

I really enjoyed the games you made. They are some of the best short experiances I have played. Well done!!

Ok the title is a little bit of a lie. I did slightly scare myself, but it was my fault. I played this game as part of a 2 short games thing and this game is the second one. Despite what I said at the end I did enjoy this game, short as it may be. I like what you did and I would love to see something elese from you in the future. Best of luck to you!!

Gave it go. Not bad. I realy wish it was a longer experiance but what was here was great! I hope to see a full game from you soon!

No worries. I LOVED this demo! This was a fantastis game so far I really can't wait to play the full release!! Best of luck to you!

This was a really great game. I would love to be able to play a longer version of this game. Such as a tournament mode or something like that. I did however find a glitch with the warren card being able to give me unlimeted bunnies. Other then that well done!!

I realy loved this game!! I was wondering is it availible yet or is it still demo?

Thanks for the reply. Best wishes on your studies. I would really like to see a full version of this game someday. I did like it for what it was and what was there. Good job and Good luck!!

Not bad. I wish there had been more to this other then just shoot and kill but other wise it was decent. There was one glitch I noticed how ever I cut it from my vid. But randomly on the scafold jump section I would just slide sideways for no reason. Other than that I would love to see something from you guys again.

Pretty good game got really emotional there at the end. I think if there had been somthing like flash backs or something to get to know the family a bit from the start would have been better. Its not bad but it felt a little bit light on anything meaningful for most of the game except for the end. I don't want to sound mean because I liked this game.  However these are just my thoughts. 

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Here is my let's play of the first half of Block Mesa. I'm posting this here as there is no comment section.

Not too bad I wish there was more to it but still not bad. I enjoyed what was there.

I really liked this game. I enjoyed what it offere and I like the retro graphics. Great game. I will have to play again in order to escape though.

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This was a really great game thanks hammergames for suggesting it to me. It makes you really apprciate what these people go through over  there in those parts of the world.

Not a bad game. I for one was scared the whole time!! I like the story i just wish there was a little more to it than going fr start to finish. But otherwise a good game. Well done.

I absolutely love this series!! The stories are amazing and I can't get enough!! I hope to see many more!

This game was amazing!! I really like the conept of things reacting to you just looking through a door. Great game I hope to see more like this in the future.

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I look forward to it!!

A realy good start to a game. Its too bad it will never be a full game though. I would love to see that happen some day. What I saw so far got me excited. Also if you make a full game can you make their lips move please? Thanks!

Not bad. I wish personaly that it was scarier but not bad for using old assets.

I was a little harsh on this game. Don't get me wrong I love the concept just thought it could use a few thing.

Pretty good game. I tackeled the first 2 nights. Only complaint so far is that Maggie cries way too much. Other than that it's lots of fun.

LOOL Thanks man. Thats a new one for me but i like it!!

It didn't work for me but that just might be me. I'm not sure.  But its not really a problem. Thanks for replying again. I really love it when devs get involved with the people that play their games. Much respect to you.

Thanks for the reply. If I may make a suggestion. Can you make it fullscreen? I think that would make it much better. Anyway I would love to play a remastered version of this game. Should you decide to make one. Once again great job!!

Great game. I hope you do more like this in the future. I would love to see you do more in the horror genre I think you would be great at it. I loved the atmosphere and the monster designs. Only complaint would be the jump scares were a little repetitive could use some variety. But I don't mean this in a rude way. Anyway amazing game I really hope you do more horror.

Good game. Would love to see a full game made based this concept. Good job for less than 2 days work.

Fantastic game!! This game blew me away. I love the story and and graphics were amazing. Great job!! Side note the game is only downloadable via the website. I noticed some people were having trouble downloading. The itch app will tell you it's not available on windows. To download it go here: and hit download. Its a .zip file so you will need winrar. I hope this helps :D

You have to download it from the itch web page. On the itch app it says not available for windows. On the web page you download it as a .zip file. Copy and past this into the browser:  I hope this helps.

Love the update and the new charactors. It adds a little more personality to the game. Great work so far!

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Great game. I never knew how hard it could be to put stuff in a box!! Great job! Only complaint I really want to just blow up everthing. But sadly I was lacking an RPG. Other than that I enjoyed it.

Great game!! I wish it was longer but still amazing. I wanted to cry at the end.

My pleasure.