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I look forward to it!!

A realy good start to a game. Its too bad it will never be a full game though. I would love to see that happen some day. What I saw so far got me excited. Also if you make a full game can you make their lips move please? Thanks!

Not bad. I wish personaly that it was scarier but not bad for using old assets.

I was a little harsh on this game. Don't get me wrong I love the concept just thought it could use a few thing.

Pretty good game. I tackeled the first 2 nights. Only complaint so far is that Maggie cries way too much. Other than that it's lots of fun.

LOOL Thanks man. Thats a new one for me but i like it!!

It didn't work for me but that just might be me. I'm not sure.  But its not really a problem. Thanks for replying again. I really love it when devs get involved with the people that play their games. Much respect to you.

Thanks for the reply. If I may make a suggestion. Can you make it fullscreen? I think that would make it much better. Anyway I would love to play a remastered version of this game. Should you decide to make one. Once again great job!!

Great game. I hope you do more like this in the future. I would love to see you do more in the horror genre I think you would be great at it. I loved the atmosphere and the monster designs. Only complaint would be the jump scares were a little repetitive could use some variety. But I don't mean this in a rude way. Anyway amazing game I really hope you do more horror.

Good game. Would love to see a full game made based this concept. Good job for less than 2 days work.

Fantastic game!! This game blew me away. I love the story and and graphics were amazing. Great job!! Side note the game is only downloadable via the website. I noticed some people were having trouble downloading. The itch app will tell you it's not available on windows. To download it go here: and hit download. Its a .zip file so you will need winrar. I hope this helps :D

You have to download it from the itch web page. On the itch app it says not available for windows. On the web page you download it as a .zip file. Copy and past this into the browser:  I hope this helps.

Love the update and the new charactors. It adds a little more personality to the game. Great work so far!

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Great game. I never knew how hard it could be to put stuff in a box!! Great job! Only complaint I really want to just blow up everthing. But sadly I was lacking an RPG. Other than that I enjoyed it.

Great game!! I wish it was longer but still amazing. I wanted to cry at the end.

My pleasure.

Great game I realy enjoyed it. Amazing job for a single dev. I realy wish there was some voice acting but thats no were near a deal breaker for this game. I also wish the the objective marker was clearer and to have a map. However I still had fun playing this game and I mean these in no way as negitive comments. Great job and fantastic work :D!!

Great game!! It's really hard but its still fun. I wish I could beat it but I don't think I have the skill. Great job I look forward to more from you guys!!

Loved it!! I wish it was longer but thats what makes it so good!!

This is the best text based game I have ever played. Once you start its hard to stop. Its alot of reading but well worth it. Besure to give it a try for yourself!!

Thanks for the reply. I would really love to finish the demo i had a lot of fun playing so far. It's an amazing game and I can't wait to see the full game. I know your just one person and what you've done so far is amazing I really respect that.

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Great game I really enjoyed it. I had some graphicial glitches during the forest area and I had to quit. Also there is a glitch that prevents the menues from apearing at all. You can check  out my video if you like and you can see some of the glitches for your self. But otherwise a great game I can't wait to play more when its patched. Oh and the english if great!! For a game that was translated from Spanish to English it was amazingly good!!

Really enjoyed this demo I can't wait for the full release. I also look forward to some voice acting as it is the mannique shrieking is pretty good though.

Really enjoy this game! It was amazing.

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I'm glad you enjoyed my video it means alot. I really can't wait to see this fan game of yours. It has me excited!! Please do let me when its ready i would love to  play it  and make a video on it. 

Thanks for responding I would really love a cool melee weapon in the game. Might I suggest a Katana I really want to see you make one!! also yes I have the GTX 1050 ti.

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I really enjoyed this game. I had a few issues and thoughts on this game. For instance I would have really liked to see a mele wepon here. I keept wanting to use one but I didn't have on to use. Second I was confused by the green "energy" bar under the health bar. I don't know what it's supposed to do. I made a few other comments in the video if you want to look other wise these are just my thoughts. I had fun with what you made so far. I would really like to see the full game when your done. Keep up the amazing work and keep kicking ass on this game!!

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Great game I hope a full version come soon. I want to play so bad!! Also I love the music is it original?

Played a couple of games on my video. However this one made me laugh. Wish it was longer but still a great spoof!!

Thanks for the kind words. I really loved this game and I can't wait to see your next games!!! You made of fan of me!!

Finished up this great game. I had alot of fun playing. Can't wait to see whats next from you!!

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Finally got an ending!!!!!  This was a great game to play, thanks to endless code for the key. If anyone wants to see me tackle a different ending then hit me up in the comments and be sure to check out the game for yourself.

Great game so far. Can't wait to play more. Also love the retro PS1 Style.

Great fun so far. Love the mechanics and difficulty ramps up nice!!

Thanks I'll give it a look!

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Not bad at the moment. I loved how all the cars handled differently. Great if  not frustrating level of difficulty but it makes the win all that better. However I got a you loose screen even though I finished the race first. I don't know what that's about but other wise a good game.

Decided to try for an ending. Did not go as planed.

Had fun. Hope to see more in the future

Thank you endless code for letting me play this awsome game. Well done I had a lot of fun.