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Really enjoyed this game. Much love for the solo devs out there.

This was a pretty fun game for how short it is.

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Honestly there was a lot to like here. From the animations to the atmosphere. Games like this are one of the reasons I love indie games.

Pretty good short horror experience. Only thing I had an issue with was I wasn't sure if the guy at the end was broken or if he was supposed to chase me around. Otherwise great game.

Really enjoyed this one.

This was quite a decadent experience if I do say so my self. I did enjoy the voice acting and atmosphere. Only issue I had was being unable to remove the film grain effect as it bothers my eyes. Otherwise I look forward to more future horror projects from ISART!

I had no idea this was a thing hahaha. Great short horror game!

I had fun with this one. It was a bit short but other wise a fun time.

Pretty good for being so short. I enjoyed it.

This was an interesting and fun game to play. Sadly I seemed to run out of time and got a bad end.

This was a pretty good game for being so short. That being said it was a bit light on the scares. However Howard's moaning made up for it. Still great game for being made in four days. Fantastic job!!

This was amazing! So stressful but so fun.

This was a great little game. Sad it was so short. This would be perfect for a longer game or maybe a collection of short tales. Either way fantastic game!

I really enjoyed whats here so far. I wasnt able to find the last figure but I will just have to try again. Cant wait to see where this one goes.

Great game! Wish it was much longer but I really enjoyed it.

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I really enjoyed seeing the completion of the demo I played a while back now.  I did have an issue or two, mostly related to getting stuck on some rocks early on. A jump mechanic would have been nice. However I did still enjoy the game despite my own stupidity. Great job on the Redux of Whiteout! Also I loved the music especially at the end!

Not bad, tho I do wish there was more to the ending.

I really enjoyed this game fantastic acting and story.

Not bad. I liked the SCP feel to it.

I seriously loved this. Great atmosphere plus I had some great laughs at the beginning. 

Short but spooky!

Had a great time playing even if I didnt get top 10.

This was fun as hell to play!

Weird game but good. Still don't know whats going on tho..

This was a pretty good game. My only issue was the text at the end went a bit fast for me. But that is just me.

Pretty enjoyable game. I can't wait to see the full game when its ready.

Thats fantastic news! I really enjoyed what was there so I look forward to seeing this as finished game. I genuinly am interested in Whiteout. Good luck to you I wish you the best in furthering Whiteout.

I realy liked what was here. However I was left wanting for more. Thats not a bad thing mind you. I hope to one day play a full version of this game should one be made. Great work so far.

Interesting game. Only thing I didnt realy like was the freezing when encountering a random bit of text. Second was wandering around waiting to be released from the room. Im not sure what the trigger is but it isnt clear to me what I had to do. Other than that not a bad game for being made in 6 days. Well done regardless of my issues.

This game hit me man. loved it even though I wish it was longer.

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Not a bad short horror game. Wish there was more to this one. I love the muscic at the end.

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Another amazing game. Its always a treat to play a new game by Octavi Navarro. From the Librarian to The Midnight Scenes and now The Supper. I can't wait to see whats next.

Not a bad short horror game.  Thanks for the invitation.

Great game! Solid all the way through. I really love the old doom/wolfinstine style gameplay and art style. Played this a double feature and fleshbirds starts at 12:00.

Not a bad little short story. I wish there was more to experiance but other wise I love the concept and style of No Players Online. Cant wait for more.

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Thanks for the opportunity to play! Sorry this video is not very good. However I will play more. Also the atmosphere is terrifyingly amazing!! Well done. I cant wait to get back to it! (Side note anyone watching just skip to about 5 min in. I talked to much)

At the time of playing I didn't realize this was an alpha demo as such I was unfairly harsh on this game. My apologies  to colorfiction for not understanding.