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Hi, LeSvitlo!
You just made my day with this encouraging comment! >///<

Thank you for giving my game a chance and I'm so glad you liked it! One of my proofreader also like him, so I think you're off to a great ride! x'D I'll do my best to deliver this game to you, but for now, stay tuned with the weekly updates!

Thanks again for coming and see you around!


I really am glad you're still working on this. I adored your other Nusantara game, and wasl eft wanting more, so a game in the same universe is great(plus I agree on the Dio bit, Dio is interesting), but instead of Arya, whom would normally be my type, Guntur was already warming his way in to my heart.

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Yes, Seraiden, I'm still working on the script writing and it has finally entered the building climax :'D there's still antagonist route to write, but we've walked a long way! I may need more time to write a bonus antagonist route, make the CGs, and programming to do, but I hope that you're willing to be patient and walk along with me ><



P.S. Guntur is a great choice too! So far, I'm very satisfied with all 3 routes progress and development! ^.^-

It's okay, I have kids even I know how to be patient when need be. :P I've just been fiddling around in the original and in this one, and thank you so much for sticking with this and creating such a wonderful world for us all to enjoy.Also don't feel stressed/rushed on it, I think most of us understand that it takes so much time and effort and heart and soul to put in to this. Your work is great, so waiting isn't a problem at all. :3