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Great game so far! Idk know if its just me but some parts seem super difficult, i tried looking up other peoples play throughs but it doesnt seem like they've had any luck so far either (from what I've seen). Well I will be the first to finish it! Subscribe and stay tuned to make sure I keep my promise! ;)

Yeah, difficulty is the main reason I've decided to get this demo out. So far, most of the puzzles seem to be solvable... Typically, people seem to get stuck in completely different places, so that doesn't tell me much! I'm working on a system for the finished game which well hlep out players who get stuck for too long. But I digress...

Really enjoyed watching this, hope you enjoyed playing! You seem to be making good progress so far, looking forward to seeing how you fare on the next episode!

Thanks for playing!

ya im not sure if its a glitch or not but down in the basement after you cut the pictures on the rope that wall didnt open up. I saw someone else’s play through and it had opened up like right after they started the fire place. Also there wasnt a symbol above it in my game but there was one in the other play through that i saw

The symbol is removed from newer versions, don't worry about that. The game is tracking your progress, it'll let you in down there when it thinks you're ready. There are a lot of things which change on different playthroughs so, yeah, you're gonna see things happen differently in your game.

Have you opened the combination drawer in the office yet?

ooohhh ok cool, and no i cant figure out the combination 

Check the journal page you found in the office, and keep an eye out for any numbers hidden about the house. 

ok thanks for the hint!