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Heres a drunk let’s play

Thank you! Congrats on making such a good game!

You guys did a great job with this one, its been a while since ive been scared this bad!

Check out gameplay here and subscribe to Strattisfaction!

Episode one of full lets play and walk through! Subscribe to Strattisfaction!

Just from the start you can tell this game is very well put together. Haven't had any real jump scares yet but in terms of horror i would say that the biggest element it has going for it is atmosphere. There hasn't but too much in terms of story yet but I'm only twenty minutes in so far so maybe it will go more in depth soon. Check out my channel Strattisfaction and Lets Play here!

No problem! Thanks for making the game!

ok thanks for the hint!

ooohhh ok cool, and no i cant figure out the combination 

Really cool game so far! I have all the keys now im just trying to figure out how to get past the second set of rooms. All in all the game is really well put together. Could use some more story and scares though. Check out my channel Strattisfaction and walkthrough here!

ya im not sure if its a glitch or not but down in the basement after you cut the pictures on the rope that wall didnt open up. I saw someone else’s play through and it had opened up like right after they started the fire place. Also there wasnt a symbol above it in my game but there was one in the other play through that i saw

Great game so far! Idk know if its just me but some parts seem super difficult, i tried looking up other peoples play throughs but it doesnt seem like they've had any luck so far either (from what I've seen). Well I will be the first to finish it! Subscribe and stay tuned to make sure I keep my promise! ;)

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Check out our gameplay! Great game so far!